Friday, July 25, 2014

étude de tête

These are a (very) few of my favorite head studies. I hope to evoke that emotional quality in my work as well, someday soon. 

I guess besides paying careful attention to accuracy, I've been trying to convey meaning and emotion in my work, in spite of it being mostly academic studies. 

At least, it was my main concern when working on this little drawing:

Self-portrait with braided hair, graphite on paper, 2014.
(I'm working on a second one)

Accuracy, though, accuracy...

Anyway, now the good work.

Antigone, Frederic Leighton. 

Study of the head of a child, Thomas Couture

Samson, Frederic Leighton

Desdemona, Frederic Leighton 

Memories, Frederic Leighton

One of my absolute favorites, Soap Bubbles by Thomas Couture

Portrait of a young infant, Greuze

Boy with a Lesson Book, Greuze

Study head of a woman, Greuze

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Drawings of friends/family

I am fortunate to be surrounded by such inspiring artists and to be at such (not just regional) proximity to ask them for advice. 

Liz Beard

Anthony Baus aka Moby

Connor De Jong

Devin Cecil-Wishing

Patrick Byrnes

Katie Whipple

Edward Minoff (Ted)

Block-in of Scott Waddell 

Kevin Muller Cisneros

Some of these are old, but excellent nevertheless. 

The Art Students League of New York

Concord, MA

We went to Concord, MA, the home of the transcendentalist, to celebrate the marriage of our dear friend and fellow painter Sarah Bird. 

 Charlie Mostow in black and white, acting mysterious by instruction of yours truly.

Lovely Katie 

Brendan and Connor - I live to capture moments like these. 

Jessica and Charles 

The view 

The glowing bride 


We had brunch the day after, and of course coffee table books were a wonderful distraction. 

Sarah upon receiving Brendan's first landscape painting.  


Lovely times.